Reasons for creating this website


For that kind of reason? Shocked!

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I like international events and often participate in, so I have many friends of different nationalities.

Among them, Chinese are the most common.

Everyone is really kind!  And talking with them is so nice and interesting.

Chinese residents in Japan work in Japan utilizing various specialties and contribute to Japanese society.

I am very grateful as a Japanese.

However, many Chinese women have returned home. . .

The reasons were “I can’t have a boyfriend” or “I can’t find a marriage partner”.



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I decided to return to China next month.


why? ? Didn’t you say that the life in Japan is so fun?

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Because I cannot have a boyfriend! After all I want a boyfriend, so I will return to China.


For that kind of the reason?


Thank you for coming to Japan, but so sorry….

Such conversations were never once or twice.

For example, I can give up if the reason were like “I want to spend time with my family”, “I want to contribute to the development of China”, or “I want to work for an advanced company in China”.

However, the reasons for “I can’t have a boyfriend” and “I can’t find a marriage partner” are too regrettable!

That ’s what made me want to create this website about how to find a partner in Japan.


How is the impression of Japanese against Chinese?

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Some of you may be worried about the impression of Chinese people in Japan.

Don’t worry!

In fact, most Japanese don’t have a bad impression of the Chinese.


* It seems that only 0.4% of all Internet users write radical statements on the Internet.

Don’t think that such a biased opinion is the majority!


Actually, all Chinese people in my company got married to Japanese.

So, the biggest cause of difficulty to get a boyfriend or a marriage partner  is  “You don’t have the opportunity to meet men”, isn’t it?


This situation is not limited to Chinese.


In Japan, the gender ratio is greatly biased depending on the workplace.
Therefore, many people lament that there is no opportunity.

For example, in Japan, there is a cultural trend as shown below, and the gender ratio in the workplace is mostly biased.

  • Engineers and researchers → men
  • Nurse, welfare work → woman


I’m an engineer, so there aren’t many women in the workplace, so I didn’t have opportunities to meet women.

So I met my wife using the “Marriage Service”.

Many of my college friends also got married by using the “Marriage Service”.


Chinese women who are worried in Japan that they can’t have a boyfriend or who can’t find a marriage partner can use this service.

That’s why I started this website.