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There are various opportunities even if you say “The way men and women meet each other”.

For example. . .

  1. A relationship in anticipation of marriage
  2. Committed relationship
  3. immorality  / Cheating Purpose
  4. One night stand          etc…


This website is basically written for Chinese women who are seeking “1. A relationship in anticipation of marriage” and “2. Committed relationship”.


If you are seeking “3. immorality / Cheating Purpose” or “4. One night stand”, you need to take a different action.


(Almost of all my friend and I don’t the experience like “3. immorality / Cheating Purpose” or “4. One night stand”, so I can not write about it)


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So, on this website, I would like to tell you not only how to meet men but also the following contents.

  • Sincere male features and trends
  • Disloyal male characteristics and trends (whether the purpose is cheating or immorality or not)
  • Unbiased male trends


Of course, some Japanese men are good and bad.

Some people are sincere and others are not.

Some people have prejudices on international marriages and some do not.


Curiously, sincere men are sometimes not popular with women, and they are sometimes single or feeling lonely.

(I feel like that disloyal and aggressive men are popular because they say sweet words easily)


I am delighted if the readers of this website are able to meet good male partners who are sincere.